Client User Manual - Business Turnaround

how we support business turnarounds


Information relevant to business owners and leaders who care about business value.

How we support business turnarounds

Business turnarounds generally require significant operational, structural and strategic change. We will only take on engagements where we are confident in the readiness of the owner, operator and management to embrace change and implement tough decisions.

Step 1: Triage

During the triage phase, we first look to confirm the viability of the core business. We then look to identify the key operational and financial drivers that influence value creation. This sets the stage for targeted interventions.

Step 2: Stabilisation

Stabilising the business’ finances, particularly its cash position is crucial. Required actions may include securing additional funding, rigorous cost-cutting, renegotiating debts, personnel reduction and more. In addition, leadership must be evaluated and changes made where appropriate.

Step 3: Recovery

Recovery begins with reassessment and determination of the company’s strategic direction. This is followed by operational and financial restructuring as well as cost and efficiency improvements. Robust mechanisms for monitoring performance in combination with the flexibility to adjust strategies in response to changing conditions are vital.

With recovery, the business focus will shift from turnaround tactics to an emphasis on sustainable growth and continuous improvement.