Advisory Services

We assist clients with advisory related matters include due diligence, financial modeling, economic damages calculations, integrating acquisitions, deal structure, opportunity assessment including the potential impact of new projects and more.

Our value architecture perspective provides the ability to assess value creation while also considering risk. The essence of our advisory approach is to focus on helping you make better business value decisions.

SAMPLE ENGAGEMENT: The Client’s project involved a real estate element as well as multiple operating entities and had a multi-year timeline. It required various layers of financing (bank debt, private debt, mezzanine financing etc.), with local and international counterparties. We provided advisory assistance around deal structure, financial modelling, analysis of operations and risk / opportunity assessment.

Organizational Development

Firm Advisory has partnered with EB Consulting to provide the Bermuda business community with assistance around organisational development which includes strategic planning, the management of human capital,  program design & evaluation, succession planning and change facilitation.

Financial indicators are important to decision-making, but success is driven by more than just the numbers. We help our clients to establish clear strategic priorities and facilitate realistic, measurable action plans. Part of this process may include taking a detailed look at your systems and processes to make recommendations based on our expertise in human and organizational behavior.

Business Valuation

We provide you with an independent, arms-length perspective of the value of your business, as well as work product which will contain insights that you can further leverage in the ongoing operations of your business.

During the valuation (appraisal) process, we consider items including the standard of value, the unique characteristics of your business, the operating and competitive environment, the expected financial performance of the business and much more.

SAMPLE ENGAGEMENT: In a number of engagements, we have had business partners seeking to separate interests, or parties who were in the midst of a marital dissolution (divorce) and who required an independent perspective on the value of those business assets that would be considered part of the marital estate. Generally, with joint instruction, we provided business valuation services to assist with resolution of these matters.

Business Transfer Assistance

Transferring ownership of a business is a major decision! If you have devoted your time, money, and energy to building, running, and operating your business, you will recognize many of the concerns, apprehensions and fears common to both business buyers and sellers.

If you have decided that now is the right time to sell, you will want the very best professional guidance you can get. This is when working in tandem with us can make the difference between just going through the motions or effecting a transfer for the very best price and terms!

SAMPLE ENGAGEMENT: The Client sought to change its business model, shaped around potential acquisition and / or divestiture of business units. We provided advisory assistance around turnaround strategy, cashflow management, deal structure, financial modelling and general risk mitigation.